Project “Bulgaria – Norway sing!”

“Bulgaria – Norway sing” is a project implemented by the Darby Foundation in partnership with the Norwegian non-governmental organization “CULTURE BREAK BOARDERS”

Project BGCULTURE-2.001-0029 “Bulgaria – Norway sing!”

Funded under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.
Program PA14 “Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation”

“Bulgaria – Norway sing” is a project implemented by the Darby Foundation in partnership with the Norwegian non-governmental organization “CULTURE BREAK BOARDERS”. The general vision of the project is related to strengthening social and economic development in Europe through transnational cultural cooperation and exchange of good practices between Bulgaria and Norway in the field of choral and singing art.


In the activities of “Bulgaria – Norway Sing!” specific goals are set, namely:

  • improving young people’s access to culture and art at the local and regional level, including and youth from disadvantaged and ethnic groups;
  • improving the Darby Foundation’s outreach and knowledge transfer capacity by training expert staff to improve their professional competencies and skills;
  • creation of a common software platform for the exchange of knowledge and good practices through cultural cooperation with the Norwegian partner;
  • development of new audiences in different regions of the country and transnational cooperation through the implementation of a series of cultural events within the framework of the “Bulgaria-Norway Sing!” festival;
  • improving entrepreneurship in the field of culture by developing and implementing a plan to attract an audience in the field of singing and choral art.

The goals of the project defined in this way are in full compliance with the general goals of the FM of the EEA 2014-2021, which are aimed at “contributing to the reduction of economic and social differences in the EEA and “strengthening bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the donor countries, according to art. .1, item 2 of the memorandum of understanding, among the priority sectors in which this cooperation will be encouraged.

The project fully corresponds to the objectives of the “Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation” Program, which are aimed at:

“strengthening socio-economic development through cultural cooperation, entrepreneurship in the field of culture and cultural heritage”.

They put emphasis on improving the conditions and quality of representation of the rich cultural heritage by applying interactive methods and by creating entrepreneurial ideas to create wider interest in the heritage and generate income.

An important priority of future activities is the preservation of European cultural heritage for future generations.

A special focus is also placed on support for activities and initiatives with the aim of ensuring wide public access to cultural content, which on the one hand emphasizes European identity and on the other – promotes cultural diversity.

Activities and events such as:

  • creation of a software platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience;
  • workshops in which Bulgarian and Norwegian conductors will participate in conferences in Bulgaria and Norway to familiarize themselves with the different choral practices and musical choral creativity of the two countries.

Sheet music will be exchanged, which will be studied by the Bulgarian and Norwegian choirs. Within the framework of the project, they will have the opportunity to gather at a Music Camp on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, rehearse the previously learned songs and together participate in a concert tour – festival in different cities of Bulgaria and Sofia.

At the final of the project “Bulgaria – Norway sing!” a joint concert will take place via telebridge between the participants in both countries.