“DARBI” FOUNDATION / Darbi Foundation
Non-profit organization, Foundation for public benefit

“DARBI” FOUNDATION / Darbi Foundation

Non-profit organization, Foundation for public benefit

The “Darbi” Foundation was established on 18.12.2006 as a non-profit legal entity.

The mission and goals of the foundation are:

  • To contribute to increasing the level of knowledge and the quality of formal and informal education;
  • to actively participate in the professional orientation and accumulation of knowledge and skills for the successful realization of young people;
  • to participate in building educational and cultural bridges between Bulgaria and the rest of the world.

The Foundation’s activities are related to improving the awareness of young people in various spheres of modern life, as well as supporting their personal development.

The activities of the “Darbi” Foundation are: organization of national and international meetings, forums, seminars, festivals related to education and culture; to support opportunities for training and creativity of young people from Bulgaria and abroad; exchange visits, participation through various institutions for formal and informal education, to increase the knowledge and skills of young people; organization of international camps and trips for experiential learning.

The most significant activities of the Foundation are:

  1. Project “Bulgaria – Norway Sing!”
  2. National Quiz “Education of the Future”
  3. International Children’s Festival of Orthodox Church Chants and Spiritual Songs “Hosanna in the Heights”
  4. Charity Christmas party for children from social homes
  5. Forum “Business in support of education”
  6. Conferences on the teaching of religion in schools
  7. Project under the “Europe 2015” Program of the SOS – “Animated Squares”
  8. “You Can Do It Yourself” Project
  9. Mercy Project
  10. “Social inclusion in the community” project
  11. Organization of seminars for education abroad of young talents